About Company

Go beyond Travel, Enjoy the Best Tours in the world.

Our Strategy

DILIGENT MIGRATION SERVICES UAE overall goal is to become the CHOICE TRAVEL & TOURISM AGENT OF CUSTOMERS in the Horn of Abu Dhabi and provide the best traveling & tourism options with competitive prices, with pride and credibility. The agency intends to serve a customer-base from all around the world. We intend to be the best travel and Tourism agency in the Horn of Abu Dhabi which will provide quality and reliable services to customers throughout the world

Mission & Vision

We are a professional travel agency dedicated to creating fun, enjoyable and relaxing experiences for our leisure clients and timely
Trust: Depending on each other to do the right thing in all situations.
Integrity: Continuously doing the right thing that results in win/win situations for all
Respect: Treating others with courtesy, dignity and professionalism
Teamwork: Working together to ensure that our clients receive the very best value and service that we, as a company, can offer.

Our Goal

Market penetration and promotion of new products and services Professionalism, motivation and open communication with all our customers and partners

Conversant with latest information technology, work procedures and environmental issues.

Dedicated , knowlegable and flexible staff who provides support and expertise.


BOOKING Your Tour Now

There are full-service Emigrationconsultant travel agencies located throughout World to help you travel better on your next leisure vacation or business trip. Emigrationconsultant travel agents will take the time to understand your unique travel interests and aspirations, until we "get you." We then use our education, first-hand travel experience and relationships with airlines, car, hotel, resort, tour and cruise supplier partners to make sure you enjoy an exceptional personalized travel experience that will create memories to last a lifetime. We are your personal travel advocate to help you with everything from getting you on the next flight, if your flight is canceled, to searching through all of the options to find you the right vacation package, cruise, shore excursions, restaurants and more. We will provide you with tips, advice and insights that only a trained and experienced travel professional can offer. We live and love travel and welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you travel better. Emigrationconsultant travel agents are experts who understand where you want to go, how to get you there and the priceless experiences you want to have. We get you and we get you there.